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Do you like the nice little chat window that silently expands asking you if you need any help while browsing ClickDesk? Wondered how that works and wished to setup the same for your website too? This is called “Pro-active chat” feature, which initiates a chat itself with a predefined message when a visitor stays for more than a stipulated amount of time on a particular webpage. Here is the process how you can set it up for your website too.

1. Login to your ClickDesk live chat dashboard

2. Navigate to Preferences and click on “Pro-acive chat” tab

3. Add a proactive rule and Save.

Adding a Pro-active chat rule:

  • Enter the URL of the page you need the live chat to expand
  • Enter the message that you wish to display for the visitors
  • Enter the seconds to wait before the live chat initiates
  • Set to which type of visitors (New, Return visitors or All visitors) the message needs to be displayed.
  • Should the sound be played – Yes/No ?
  • Save


URL rules:

Always make sure that you enter the URL with http:// or https://

Instead of adding the entire URL of your website you can use any of the above shortcuts to add the pro-active chat feature to most of your webpages with one single rule type.

2 Responses to “How to setup Pro-active rule for your live chat”

  1. bsabev


    what also would be nice is to filter your visitors for location. For example your target might be only the US and in that case you might not want the live chat to popup for foreign visitors.

    • Jagan

      Thanks for dropping by. This is a great idea and has been added to our roadmap.

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